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Your very own unique commissioned photography!
Exclusive photos, only for you.

  • 1st step Initial contact
    "During your initial contact, I make sure that I have a clear understanding of your vision for the subject. The photography session will then be scheduled at your convenience".
  • 2nd step Photo Inventio
    "A photography session takes usually 1-2 hours, even more depending on the set-up. I prefer to have this live session with the client(s) in order to get a feel for their personality, characteristics of the best lighting and composition. At the photo session, the client will sign a commission contract and submit a deposit of 50% of the fee".
  • 3rd stepChoosing the final set of photos
    "I select top pictures and retouch them according to the client wishes. But do not expect plastic. Edwin wants to keep the natural and the fresness in his photos".
  • 4th stepFinal payment and delivery of digital pictures
    The rest of the payment is due upon delivery.