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All paintings are unique art pieces

By buying a painting, Edwin guarantees you, that you will own a very unique piece of true fineart: the result of Edwin's unique way of working (scroll down).

  • Unique and authentic art starts with an unique and authentic idea
    "In case you buy an existing work or you want to commission a painting, all starts with an idea. Every idea is unique, since they follow my inspiration. Re-creating is boring and, therefore, I guarantuee that every idea will be executed only once. Copying of photographs, I leave to the photorealists, that is their passion. I pursue my passion: to inspire you to stay close to the authentic you. All paintings come with a certificate of authenticity. Moreover, all my paintings are secretly signed and only an expert is able to trace it back".
  • Photo Inventio
    "An idea is just an idea, and that is no guarentee it will work in an artwork. Therefore, we need to get a feeling of the final result. Since ages, artists use the tool of sketching for that, the Old Masters called this "inventio". I use photography as a sketching tool, as it is a very efficient way to see if a certain composition, lighting and color use will convince. A photography session takes usually 1-2 hours. Photography, how wonderful it is, has also its limitations in art. Therefore, I prefer to work from life with the model or you. It provides me e.g. the opportunity to walk around the model to follow how the set interacts with the model. Edwin does not work from client delivered photos, as he wants to create an unique piece, that has his artistic touch from start till the end".
  • Preparing the canvas or panel
    "Once the idea has worked out and the working photo has been chosen, I will start the painting. The size and the material of the support of the painting is chosen. The support of the painting as such is not suitable to paint on, as it works and even can erode away because of the oxidation by the (linseed) oil. I size and prime my supports using my secret formulations and procedures. By using traditional genuine pigments and materials I ensure the sustainability of the artwork. I stretches and primes his own canvas (a 3 days process), working with Belgian linen and sands it for a nice and smooth working surface. After that, the imprimatura is applied. The support is now ready to work on".
  • The underpainting
    "After selection of the best sketch from the photo inventio process, I make a work drawing preferably from life. This work drawing is transferred to the support and I start the underpainting in a monochrome way. This is an excellent way to find the shapes".
  • Color layers
    "When I am happy about the monochrome underpainting, I start the color phase. Layer over layer working to the end result. Because of the use of genuine pigments, the atmosphere becomes very beautiful. Because I have a diploma in chemistry, I have access to these pigments. I make my own oilpaint of them as the old masters did".
  • Signature
    "When I am happy about the final painting, I place my signature. However, the painting was already signed secretly before. Only experts can trace this signature back. This is an unique guarantee that the artwork is original, next to the certificate of originality that comes with every painting".
  • Varnishing and Framing
    "As you will understand, the creation of an artwork is a lot of work. Typically it takes 2-4 months to finish a painting. When the painting is dry enough the painting gets a temporary varnish. After one year, the final closing varnish can be applied. Since the launch of my Home Jewelry® collection, I collaborate with the famous frame maker Gregor's Frames. They make frames by hand, tailored to the painting. The crafting of the frame takes from a couple of weeks till 1 month.