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The Shades of Blue Collection comprises a series of sensual nudes and covered nudes, all telling an unique and spicy story. All artworks are available in a very limited edition of only three pieces. As the process of developing the pieces of art is 100% handwork including developing the artworks in the sunlight, each artwork of the limited edition is unique. Each photo is developed into a beautiful blue colour, known as Prussian Blue or Parisian Blue. 

Woman and men are not equal, however, they are equipollent. We are all human, and every human being has the same number of chromosomes: 46. Every chromosome is made of DNA. Our DNA is the code how we look like, if we are female or male, what skin tone we have and much more. The only difference between women and men is that one pair of chromosomes is slightly different. Where women have two X-chromosomes, men have one X and one Y chromosome instead. Thus we are indeed not equal, however we are equipollent. Isn’t it bizarre that this tiny difference makes such big impact on the lives of women and men? Despite of this tiny difference, we still have in 2021 non-equivalent rights for women. Examples thereof include difference in income, career opportunities and pregnancy discrimination.

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