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Yesterday, I was at the local supermarket and asked a girl at the service desk: "where can I find the peace?"

"Which piece", she asked, "a piece of meat?".

It is Christmas, the day we remind the birth of Jesus and we dwell on peace. Whereas everyone is yearning for safety and peace, paradoxical enough, instead of decreased, the tensions in the world have this year increased. In this society where we can order and buy almost everything we want, we forget that there are things you cannot buy. Where to buy peace? Where to buy love? Where to buy happiness and success? The good news is that love, happiness, success and peace are for free and already within you. The only thing we need to do is to accept ourselves as we are. All these precious things float to the surface themselves. Just be yourself. Just live your naked truth and irradiate a piece of peace!
Together for a better and more peaceful world.